Monday, March 19, 2007

Japanese Most Wanted

Here's a relatively short list of some films that I'm trying to locate, with or without subtitles. I keep lists for a lot of things. It's a great way to organize my thoughts, and if you toss this sort of thing out there enough someone might bounce one back. I'm leaving off the films that I know are available on DVD, which I might eventually purchase.

I Want to be a Shellfish (Hashimoto Shinobu, 1959)
Night Drum (Imai Tadashi, 1958)
Darkness At Noon (Imai Tadashi, 1956)
A Full Life (Hani Susumu, 1962)
Song of Bwana Toshi (Hani Susumu, 1965)
Bride of the Andes (Hani Susumu, 1966)
Aido: Slave of Love (Hani Susumu, 1969)
A Triumph of Wings (Yamamoto Satsuo, 1941)
Police (Uchida Tomu, 1933)
Theater of Life (Uchida Tomu, 1936)
A Girl at Dojo Temple (Ichikawa Kon, 1946)
Design of a Human Being (Ichikawa Kon, 1949)
The Woman Who Touched The Legs (Ichikawa Kon, 1952)
Pu-San (Ichikawa Kon, 1953)
Tale of Genji (Ichikawa Kon, 1966)
Crab Canning Ship (So Yamamura, 1953)
Life of a Country Doctor (Inagaki Hiroshi, 1960)
Diary of Chuji's Travels (Ito Daisuke, 1927)
Clouds at Sunset (Shinoda Masahiro, 1967)
Our Marriage (Shinoda Masahiro, 1961)
Shimisen and Motorcycle (Shinoda Masahiro, 1961)
My Face in the Red Sunset (Shinoda Masahiro, 1961)
Epitaph to My Love (Shinoda Masahiro, 1961)
Glory on the Summit: Burning Youth (Shinoda Masahiro, 1962)
Tears on the Lion's Mane (Shinoda Masahiro, 1962)
Operation: Sewer Rats (Okamoto Kihachi, 1962)
Procurer of Hell (Okamoto Kihachi, 1961)
Bigshots Die at Dawn (Okamoto Kihachi, 1961)
The Last Gunfight (Okamoto Kihachi, 1960)
One Day I... (Okamoto Kihachi, 1959)
Young Daughters (Okamoto Kihachi, 1958)
All About Marriage (Okamoto Kihachi, 1958)
Sain (Adachi Masao, 1966)
Young People (Toyoda Shiro, 1937)
The Narita Films (Ogawa Shinsuke, 60s)
Underworld Series (Yamamoto Hajiro/Okamoto Kihachi, 60s)


Michael Kerpan said...

I note that Uchida's "Earth" isn't on your list of "most wanted". Does this mean you've already managed to see this somehow?

Steven H said...

I actually deleted that and a couple more films from the list right before I published it because a friend (mutual to us, actually, G.H.) mentioned that it was probably on the way. I'm *very* excited to see this one, though I may have my hopes a bit high.

Michael Kerpan said...

I'll be interested in hearing your report on this.

JCS said...

Do you know where I can find Hani Susumu's Aido?